Friday, February 14, 2014

90s Cassette Tapes, Powerpuff Girls, and Mega Man!

Oldschool 90s References! 

cassette tapes vinyl bag, powerpuff girl mug, and mega man tee

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Hey fellas.

If you're anything like me you live for the 90s references that are coming out nowadays.  Okay the movie remakes could be a LOT better (I'm looking at you Transformers), it's more the subculture references that I am enjoying.

But when I cam across this amazing cassette tape vinyl bag on Zazzle:
 I was pretty surprised at the amazing quality cutencomfy managed to achieve on the site.  Her other Restro Bagette Bags are pretty cool but I like this one the MOST for the ability to customize it like a playlist. 

But since I'm such a freak I couldn't stop there.  I had to keep looking for more, because as we all know:
I Love Zazzle

Yeah I had to keep looking.  I decided to find something for my 90s girls out there, and I'm pretty sure I hit the nail on the head with this amazing Powerpuff Girls Mug by powerpuffgirls - yep that's right, this is OFFICIAL. 

I gotta be honest I was a big fan of Powerpuff Girls myself... but I had to find something for my dudes to appreciate as well. 

And no matter who I talk to, I can rest assured that if they grew up in the 90s, they enjoyed playing:

Yeah that's right it's Mega Man!  This official Mega Man shirt RULES.  I like that Zazzle has the official rights of things like the PPG and Mega Man for us to get.

As we continue to grow older and more awesome, we need to make the cooler things from our childhood just as awesome as we have become.

If you've got a good idea or your own custom 90s reference gear, you know you can make it for yourself by clicking on the following link:
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Real Men wear Pink, and KILL ZOMBIES.

real men wear pink.

and kill zombies.

keep calm and kill zombies tee shirts
keep calm and kill zombies tee shirts by Caliburr
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Admit it, a pink shirt doesn't exactly scream manly to you.  Not at first, is what you should say now.  Because certainly no one but a man would keep calm and kill them damn zombies.  Caliburr has done us men proud here by demanding that no panic be suffered.

Yes troops, stay calm.  And kill zombies.  Because if you don't - you'd better bet your sweet butt that I'm gonna shoot you in the foot and make sure I get away while they snack on your McRibs.  And the whole time, I'll be wearing my pink shirt.  Cause I am a god damn man, and that's how I roll.

You hear me, zombies?  I swear by my pretty pink shirt that I will stay calm, and bust a cap in your zombie brain pans.  Do me a favor, too.  Be those nice and slow Walking Dead zombies.  If you guys start running at me full speed like those damn zombies in World War Z, this shirt might have to read something different, about pissin yourself.

That's right.  I'm getting this shirt.
Drew De Jesus
gotta love that humor
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